Marginal Emissions Factors: I help maintain the Electricity Marginal Factors tool, which publishes historical emissions factors for the US electricity system. These can be used to estimate the effects of power grid interventions on climate change and health.

CompSustNet: I previously organized the Computational Sustainability Network’s annual conference (the CompSust Doctoral Consortium) and graduate student-run webinar series. If you’re interested in work at the intersection of computer science and the UN sustainable development goals, I would encourage you to attend the conference, or check out webinar recordings on the CompSustNet website.

Tech4Society: I am a co-founder and former leader of Tech4Society, a group dedicated to donating technical skills to grassroots organizations in the Pittsburgh area. If you are interested in joining or learning more, please get in touch!

Watson Fellowship: Before starting my Ph.D. at Carnegie Mellon, I was a Thomas J. Watson Fellow, traveling the world to study the people, technologies, and policies behind next-generation electricity systems. You can read more about my journey and some of the interviews I conducted on my project blog.

Press coverage: Some selected coverage of my work is below: